Kindergarten “Pelėdžiukas“ extension

Type: Public
Status: Ongoing
Area: 2 200 m²
Year: 2017
Location: Pagiriai, Vilnius county, Lithuania
Team: Gilma Teodora Gylytė, Ignas Uogintas, Domantas Baltrūnas, Karolina Čiplytė, Motiejus Vyšniauskas



A diversity of spaces and quality surroundings fosters the development of an inquisitive and curious being. The kindergarten plays an integral role in every child’s education, however many of Lithuania’s kindergartens were built back in the soviet era – standardised, uninspiring and ineffective boxes for keeping children. To try, experiment, hide and discover are all experiences that must be cultivated during the development of a child. These experiences are not facilitated by most of the existing kindergartens, many of which are now also in a state of disrepair.



The kindergarten evolves at every scale. A physical connection between internal spaces and the outside is introduced through a central courtyard that extends the interior spaces and connects them with defined activity zones that surround the building. Inside, the distinction between individual classrooms is distorted, creating shared activity areas and spaces for alternative learning, reading, collaboration and play.