Eight Eights Exhibition

Project Baltia magazine, together with the Danish Cultural Institute and Block City Institute, host an exhibition entitled Eight Eights. The Exhibition borrows its name from 8 HOUSE, a highly regarded residential project in Copenhagen by Danish architecture studio BIG. The project aims to examine the possibility of adapting the building to 7 other cities in the Baltic region in order to give more people the chance to enjoy the high standard of living offered by the complex structure. Andre Baldi architecture urbanism (now DO ARCHITECTS) represents Lithuanian residential architecture in the exhibition.

Participants: BIG (Copenhagen), ALA (Helsinki), Villem Tomiste + Stuudio Tallinn (Tallinn), Studio 44 (St Petersburg), MADE (Riga), Wingårdhs (Gothenburg), Andre Baldi (Klaipėda), Mackow (Wrocław)