Standart Housing and residential Development Concept Design

Type: Multi - residential, retail
Status: Shortlisted, ongoing
Area: 46 000 m²
Year: 2017
Location: Russia
Team: Algimantas Neniškis, Ignas Uogintas, Justina Jauniškytė, Justas Paičius, Karolis Grigaitis, Eglė Gelažauskaitė, Gabija Strockytė



For 70 years, residential development in Russia has been done based on standard designs. Several generations of residential buildings came and went during this period, and dozens of series and modifications were introduced that determined the modern appearance and quality of urban life. Today, the residential environment formed by the progressive approaches to urban development of the past does not meet the needs of its citizens and cannot effectively adapt to systemic changes in the functioning of cities. The nature of housing development in the post-Soviet period only exacerbated this situation: the main priority of developers was making a quick profit from the the use of the territory and not the creation of high-quality housing.

Based on the three residential models (low-rise, mid-rise, central) developed by National Institute for Housing Development together with Strelka KB, participants are tasked with creating an alternative to the existing standard designs and with creating flexible and diverse architectural solutions that will allow future residents to choose not only their building and apartment, but also an environment that corresponds to their lifestyle, income, and comfort requirements.


This model presupposes the creation of residential areas that are provided with the necessary social and commercial infrastructure. It is assumed that it will become the most widespread type of development in Russian cities. By creating a critical mass for public infrastructure the mid-rise model is the key puzzle peace of a vibrant and sustainable city. Therefore we accept the challenge to make it the most wanted in the market. Within the quarter we create uncompromised green part and two compact built blocks with highly personalized passage between them.