TU Delft Faculty of Architecture

Type: Educational
Status: Competition
Length: 1 km
Year: 2008
Location: Delft, Netherlands
Team: Andrė Baldišiūtė, Ignas Uogintas, Justina Klybaitė, Džiugas Karalius, Eglė Každailytė, Jonas Grinevičius

In the centre of TU Delft the new Bouwkunde becomes a central social place. A LINE in the park is a fluid icon, flowing softly in the hard campus context despite its 1km length.
The building establishes itself as a straight line in the centre of the campus, acting as a connection and natural distributor between all of the other buildings of the university. The urban placement is strong and capable of re-urbanising the largest possible area with the smallest possible intervention. The building forms an axis between the old town and new technopolis, creating a guiding edge that can be extended infinitely in either direction.
Landscape acts as the key element for the inner life of the building and public life of the campus. Pathways of experience inside the new structure would create natural openings in its volume that allow people to pass through, while internally forming the spatial framework for auditoriums, classrooms and other specific functions. Internal spaces evolve naturally without walls along the buildings length – identified by the distance of their location.
The proposed building represents all major aspects of architectural education. It is a kilometre of architectural experience, an innovative educational facility and a monumental connector for the city and the university