Taxi Park

Type: Mixed-use
Status: Architectural concept
Area: 35 000 m²
Year: 2015
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Andrė Baldišiūtė, Gediminas Aismontas, Ieva Marija Malinauskaitė, Domantas Baltrūnas


Time is the potential to generate world-changing ideas.

In a world where time equals potential, every minute is critical in achieving success. So, consider the potential of 5 minutes: from your new office at Taxi Park, 5 minutes is what it takes you to reach the World via Vilnius Airport or the central station, to reach your next client over dinner in the Old Town, or to buy or sell your latest product in one of the city’s countless local and international retailers and business centres. You’ll even have time to stop off at the day care centre, sports club or grocery store on the way, all only a few levels down from your office.

The old taxi hub of Vilnius, once accommodating over 500 cars, is today reconstructed and opened up for a diverse range of new commercial and office functions in an extraordinary location at the crossroads of the city. Unparalleled potential and accessibility is offered by the development, with vehicular access to every level facilitating a park-at-your-door concept. The redevelopment also triggers the further gentrification of the surrounding neighbourhood, creating unprecedented spaces in a forgotten part of the city.